Waara Inc. provides expert level guidance and solutions for dealing with climate change needs in Japan.

With its deep understanding of the Japanese market, we provide the optimal tools to achieve a low-carbon reality, directly from Japan at most reasonable fees.


Deep understanding of the market

We have consultants with over 10 years of relevant experiences in Japan. We can help overseas clients navigate through the idiosyncratic regulatory and market system in Japan.


Speedy advice

We can provide advice and guidance directly to clients overseas without involvement of any intermediates.


Reasonable fees

Competitive fees with no intermediary fees. We also help clients utilize subsidies from the government.

Waara Inc.

Waara Inc. Location- Tokyo, Japan

  • Member of the “Green Value Chain Platform” of Ministry of the Environment (MOE), Japan
  • An official supply-chain emissions agent in Tokyo & Saitama, Japan

Offering optimal and bespoke solutions,
we can help businesses to achieve CO2 reduction targets and demands from various stakeholders

Methods of major renewable energy power procurements

There are various ways to procure renewable energy.
Note that you will need to consider their respective features and merits and demerits before deciding
on your renewable power portfolio.

Renewable energy procurement

PPA Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

EACs Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs)

PPA Renewable Energy Menu

Cost potential








Waara’s Services

Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

We deal with different types of installations such as on-site, off-site, self-owned, third party-owned, etc.

We can help install solar power generation plants for self-use purposes. As there is no need to procure power from the general electricity provider for the self-generated portion of the power, your mid to long term power procurement costs could be reduced. Additionally, the environmental value derived from the generated power through EAC, for example, can also be utilized.




Electricity charges can be reduced
* Electricity charges vary among different business models

Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs)

Waara can directly provide Japan’s EAC credits, with no intermediary fees and thus,
at reasonable prices.

There are three categories of certificates domestically available in Japan - “J-credit (renewable energy source)”, “Green energy certificates”, and “Non-fossil certificates (renewable energy specification)”. J-credit and tradable Green energy certificates meet the standard of major international initiatives on climate change, such as RE100. By utilizing the credits, it is thus possible to procure green electricity at a lower cost than purchasing green electricity from electric power providers. Since the credits are available at different prices, issuance amounts, etc., we are pleased to provide an optimal combination for the credits according to your business needs.

Below are the 3 major EACs that can be purchased in Japan

(renewable energy source)
Green Energy
Target power
generation equipment
Power generation project approved by J-Credit Scheme Power generation equipment certified by Japan Quality Assurance Organization Power generation equipment in operation after being certified by the government as a feed-in tariff
Overview As conditions to the registration, the project should be carried out after April 1, 2013. The maximum period for issuing credits is 8 years. The project must also help to promote renewable energy. Mainly wind energy and bioenergy. The merit is the easiness to grasp the burden on the environment as it is a mechanism that allows specification of the power generation facility for the certificate purchase. Since it is bundled with retail electricity, it cannot be purchased independently- it’s procured as a non-fossil-derived electricity menu of the electric power company. It also includes low proportions of power sources that can be tracked, along with old large hydropower and coconut shell fueled biomass power.
(GHG protocol standard)
(GHG protocol standard)
(Based on GHG protocol
standard with specific
For government tracking certificates only
Price ★★★ ★☆☆ ★★☆
Power supply
★★★ ★★★ ★☆☆
Additionality ★★★ ★★☆ ★☆☆

Governmental Subsidies

Reduction plan proposal combined with Japan’s governmental subsidies

Subsidy Sample

* Samples include previous cases. Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about the newest situations.

1/3 of the Installation
Solar Power Generation Equipment
Installation Subsidy (MOE)

Partial subsidies for onsite PPA, self-consuming solar power generation equipment and equipment for rechargeable battery.

Off-site corporate power purchase
agreement business
Planning expense- 3/4 of the expense (Max. JPY 10 million) Equipment installation- 1/3 of the expenses
Equipment installation of
power generation agencies
Solar power generation equipment – Max. JPY 50,000/kW Rechargeable battery- JPY 20,000/kWh
Max. JPY 3 billion
Subsidy from Ministry of Economy, Trade and
Industry (METI) for energy saving equipment
at factories & wokrplaces

Partial subsidy for the expenses for installing energy-saving and power-saving equipment

Factory, workplace unit

Business attaining energy-saving standards
with energy-saving and power-saving equipment at factories/

workplaces Subsidy rate- Max. 1/2
Subsidy amount- Max. JPY 3 billion

Existing equipment units

Replacing existing equipment with new ones with high energy efficiency above a certain level

Subsidy rate- Max. 1/3
Subsidy amount- Max. JPY 30 million



Waara Inc.

Waara Inc. Location- Tokyo, Japan

  • Member of the “Green Value Chain Platform” of Ministry of the Environment (MOE), Japan
  • An official supply-chain emissions agent in Tokyo & Saitama, Japan