What is a carbon offset?

Carbon offset refers the compensation for greenhouse gas emissions that are hard to reduce even with various strategic efforts in the form of credits purchase for emission reductions and absorptions elsewhere.

A system with high economic rationality

In developed countries such as Japan and many western countries, high-efficiency equipment has already been introduced so a significant amount of capital and time is needed for changes in workflow and investments for effective reduction of CO2 emissions.
Besides, even with CO2 reduction measures, emission can never be reduced to zero as long as corporates are still functioning.

No matter how hard corporates work on reductions, there are still notable emissions and this is why the carbon offset system was born- for the quantification of reduction in form of credits in exchange for the technologies and funds as supports for reduction of CO2emission.

By utilizing the carbon offset system, corporates provide partial funds and technologies for projects in developing countries and other regions to reduce CO2 emissions efficiently. This is much more economically rational than spending efforts for their own investment; it also helps to stand out their efforts in quantitative greenhouse gas reduction.

We don't only make up for CO2 but also take into account the assessment of the target investors, clients, and target consumer market for the providence of the best solutions.

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