Greetings from the CEO

One of the most serious risks corporations from all over the world face is climate change. Yet, greenhouse gas emissions continue to accelerate global warming and cause economic and social damage; it’s extremely easy to misunderstand the dire global implications and the urgency of the climate issue as we’re running out of time faster than we might realize. We believe that such a complicated issue is extremely difficult for any one individualor acompany to solve.

“Waara” is an African-Somali word that literally means “sustainability”, with elements of “和 (Wa)”, which stands traditional Japanese spirit, “輪 (Wa)” representing connection among people and corporations, and “新(Ara)”, which means new values and ways for creating. Our company name "Waara" embraces all these meanings.

Waara contributes to the realization of a sustainable society by providing solutions for climate change.

Company Name Waara Inc.
Location of Head office 5/F, Sankaido Bldg. 1-9-13 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo (107-0052)
Representative Yuichiro Shimomura, Representative Director Executive Director
  • Seiji Nakamura, Director
    (Representative Director of Team Energy Co., Ltd. )
  • Teiichi Aruga, Director
    (Outside Director of Chuo Electric Power Co.Ltd.)
Establishment 29th January 2020
Capital amount 50 million Japanese yen
Accreditation, Member etc.
  • CDP Accredited Provider(Climate Change)
  • Member of the "Green Value Chain Platform" of Ministry of the Environment (MOE), Japan
  • Member of the "Japan Climate Initiative"
  • An official supply-chain emissions agent in Tokyo, Japan
  • An official supply-chain emissions agent in Saitama, Japan

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