NEW!Non-fossil certificates are now available to corporate end-users in Japan.

The market for Non-fossil certificates (NFCs) , the most voluminous renewable energy certificates followed by J-Credits, is now open to corporate end-users in Japan. Waara is a registered intermediary in the market and can now assist clients procure NFCs at competitive rates.

Control risks stemmed from climate change and create business opportunities

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emission is increasing year by year with advancements to human life.
Yet, excessive emission of CO2 leads to global warming and has serious consequences for our environment.

Corporations around the world need to proactively identify the risks and opportunities brought by climate change and create long term solutions for their respective business activities, investors, and consumers.

The prevention of further global warming is essential for our futures.

Waara’s mission is to create a sustainable society by providing support and consultation services for CO2 reduction.

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